World Food Day 2013: We Need YOU!
By Lily Michelson


This World Food Day, we #hungerto live in a world free of hunger and poverty. We #hungerto inspire innovation in ourselves and others. We #hungerto learn more about food issues so that we can spread this knowledge and raise awareness. We #hungerto act and promote positive change.  Above all, we #hungerto do more. What do you #hungerto do?

As we approach October 16,  we  need more help than ever to spread the message about World Food Day and support the 2013 theme, “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition.”  Remember: we have the capability to end world hunger, but we don’t have the capability to do it alone. We need YOU!

To help the 2013 campaign, all readers are encouraged to download the official 2013 World Food Day Social Media Toolkit, an essential resource for all hunger activists. The Toolkit provides an overview of this year’s key messages and the multiple social media outlets in which users can help spread the word. In addition, the Toolkit provides guided daily support, beginning October 9, for sample posts via twitter and Facebook.  For more information about our social media campaign and ways to get involved, visit our social media page.

Collaboration is crucial for the success of the world hunger movement. To highlight this theme, our PERSPECTIVES series this week will discuss the importance of partnerships and collaboration in solving world hunger. We have submissions from a diverse group including: the United Nations World Food Programme, Washington Post food journalist Jane Black, Tony Hall of the Alliance to End Hunger, Jason Clay of the World Wildlife Fund, and food politics scholar Marion Nestle. If you find a story compelling, be sure to share it via social media or start a conversation by commenting on the submission.

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