The 2013 World Food Prize
By Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn, President, The World Food Prize Foundation


Each World Food Day, the World Food Prize symposium celebrates achievements in increasing the quality, quantity, and availability of food in the world. The symposium, also called the Borlaug Dialogue, is commonly referred to as the “Nobel prize for food and agriculture.” The annual award adheres to the vision of Dr. Norman Borlaug, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and founder of the World Food Prize.

During the week-long event in Des Moines, Iowa, from October 16-19, 2013, over 1500 participants from over 70 countries will join together to celebrate the advancements of agricultural science and to discuss the future of biotechnology. Though opinions are split on the use of GMOs and biotechnology in agriculture, the World Food Prize symposium highlights the opportunities and promises of biotechnology while providing an arena for debate and discussion.

If you wish to read more about the history of the prize and Dr. Borlaug’s work, be sure to read  Norman Borlaug’s Three Dreams. You can stay up-to-date on this week’s Borlaug Dialogue at


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With the Food Security being in place and the serious lapses of Food Distribution System being covered in an National Televsion Channel (ND TV) yesterday (all through the day – i.s. 15/10/2013) about the PDS (Public Distribution System"s) Wheat being directly taken to Private Flour mill in the heart of NEW DELHI – not 5km. away from the seat of power called the INDIAN PARLIAMENT , as a sensitive citizen of this country where do I stand? My state(ODISHA, INDIA) being in utter misery (After the Phailin and the post Phailin flood devastating 4 Districts today, ie 16/10/2013) have I the conscience muster enough courage to gulp any food today or shall I go hungry to be one with my fellow Brothers/Sisters — this is the biggest dillema just now — 1.05 PM – 16/10/2013. Can not share the pain of HUNGER and THIRST with my fellow citizens in ODISHA ? If I can not be near them to share with their sufferings, I can at least go without food for a few days? I know What is HUNGER and what pain it gives, ALSO how helpless a human being becomes without sufficient food for his sustenance. A state which is the poorest and the most backward in the entire country( INDIA) and now devastated/ravaged by nature is worst affected in terms of Food & nutrition Security. Is the paradigm of DEVELOPMENT follwed in this state for the last 13 years with achievement of one of the higest growth rate in the Country (INDIA)

CORRECT ? Even if we switch over to a system of Direct Cash Transfer (under DIRECT BENEFIT TRANSFER SCHEME) to the people, can we ensure NUTRITION Security to all sections of PEOPLE in A STATE like ODISHA.


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