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Today,World Food Day, I #hungerto create sustainable food systems that ensure healthy food for all. Do you? #WFD2013 http://thndr.it/14d4IOd

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commented 2013-10-16 01:22:35 -0400 · Flag
700 million farmers who produce food have not ability to buy food due to its high price .The production of food is controlled by the global corporations. But all the time big corporations do not ensure the environmental and nutritional justice. Climate change will be the threat to ensure global food security in the future . In a report World Bank also stated that, volatile food price in the recent is related with the global warming .

Once upon a time the earth was reliant on unbelievable genetic diversity but now days the earth is dependent on only 12 plant species. Rural people depend on their surrounding ecosystem for their livelihood. Way of rural living, use of resources, livelihood and survival, ecology and human being all the issues are related with food security .

As the rural food community is the centre of food security process so they have to control and right over their desired food production and surrounding natural genetic resources. But all the time state ignored the relationship between food community and local food process. Such as state hand over the seed and genetic resources to the corporate companies in a unquestionable way. In the same time, state also shouting for the peoples’ so-called food security and encouraging unjust food trade. In the seminar of seed industry development, it is stated that, hybrid seed will be the solution of more food production . It is the same voice which we heard from the 1960s, when the high external input based so-called green revolution was started. But this global order is failed to ensure the global food security. After the 5o years of IRRI rural food community from the home and abroad demanded, it is enough and stop the unjust control over peoples’ food.