Lackawanna College Joins the Fight Against World Hunger
By Lynn DeSanto


Bio 225 Ecology/Evolutionary Biology class has embarked on a journey of enlightening our college about world hunger and sustainable agriculture and how the two intersect to contribute to our community!

We are a small two-year college about 1,500 students nestled in northeastern Pennsylvania. Our project is combining classroom learning with giving back to the community we live in. Statistically, 1 out of 10 households in our area are living below the poverty line. The students were more than eager to participate and bring our university to the stage of fighting world hunger!

As students returned from summer break, each student was assigned an EarthBox from the EarthBox for World Food Day Garden Kit. With seeds already germinating (Valmaine lettuce) during summer hours, we began the process of assembling EarthBoxes. Then we planted, protected, and looked forward to yielding our crop of lettuce.

Back in the classroom we learned the science behind the EarthBoxes and facts about conditions affecting plants. As a class of only nine students, we became excited, educated, and engaged about how our small class could contribute to the fight against world hunger.

Students polled and voted on what charitable organization would receive our crop donation of Valmaine lettuce. We decided on United Neighborhood Center, a local agency that helps underprivileged people in our area.  They will receive our lettuce crop on October 16,2012, World Food Day.

Enthused by our commitment to growing lettuce and to fighting world hunger, we as a class have initiated the following efforts:

1. Organized a nonperishable food drive in addition to the donation of our lettuce crop.  

2. Education of other schools in the area about both world hunger and sustainable agriculture.

3. Made the decision to partner with other offices in the college to grow more food to donate next year in hopes of making this a “College-Wide” Event.

4. Committed to getting involved with local farmer’s markets to learn more about how food can be grown more efficiently. This endeavor has been amazing! It has enabled the small group of nine students to both learn and serve in the fight against world hunger.


Lynn B. DeSanto, MT (ASCP) MS is Assistant Professor and Science Laboratory Manager at Lackawanna College in Scranton, PA.

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Lackawanna College Joins the Fight Against World Hunger #WFD2012