Farmers-First for Food Security

By The Honourable Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada



There is no doubt that family farms are the cornerstone to our agricultural production, making a vital contribution to economic prosperity and food security the world over. In Canada, some 98% of farms are family owned and operated. In order to put farmers first, Governments must give farmers access to the tools they need to pursue new practices, new technologies, and capture new markets.  This in turn will enable farmers to improve their incomes, support their families, and feed the world.

Canadian farmers are doing their part. As the world’s fifth largest agricultural exporter, Canada is helping to feed the world. Equally important, we are helping our trading partners strengthen their own production through leading-edge technology, from animal genetics to agronomics, to food storage and logistics.

The other key to strengthening the farm gate and food security is trade. Trade that is based on clear rules and sound science reduces price volatility, increases access to food, and helps farmers earn better incomes. To ensure that all countries have equal access to food at stable prices, we need to continue to improve market access by adopting science-based standards.

The future holds challenges and opportunities for the world’s farmers. Over the next three decades, we will need to significantly increase our agricultural productivity, while ensuring a sustainable footprint, just to meet anticipated demand. World Food Day reminds us of the need to meet this challenge and open the door to new opportunities for the world’s farmers by ensuring they have the best innovative, scientifically-proven tools in their toolbox and open access to growing global markets. 


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