Food Startups Tackle Food Waste
By Lily Michelson, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Food waste  is certainly a hot topic these days!

In a recent blog post for Food Waste Awareness Week (September 15-21, 2013) , we cited that 1.3 billion tonnes of food (about 1/3 of all food produced)  is wasted each year.


To reduce this number, we need sustainable solutions and innovative strategies that can respond to the many factors causing so much waste.

Luckily, a few new startups have stepped up to the plate (pun intended).  National Public Radio’s the salt released a great article featuring two new startups, Food Cowboy and CropMobster, whose business strategies rely on linking excess or otherwise wasted food with those who can use it. Food Cowboy works by distributing potentially wasted, safe-to-consume food to hunger relief groups, like food banks;  CropMobster uses a Craigslist-like platform to connect distributors, grocers, or producers who have extra food to anyone who can use it.

The article is a great read and highlights some of the complicated issues involved in creating a business out of food waste. For those interested in learning more, you can read the article here.

Photo Credit: Bicycle Fixation
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