Family Farming Exhibit Premieres Today!
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Summer is the season of exhibits. Among them, some are entertaining, some are educational, and this one will surely touch your heart. An integration of photography and storytelling, the new exhibit will pay homage to the families working every day to feed the world.

The “Born to Farm” Exhibit premieres July 18-27, 2014 in the K-Days in the Farm Hall at Northlands in Edmonton, Alberta.  Incorporating the story of multiple generations of family farmers, along with #FARMVOICES submissions posted to social media by farmers from across the globe, the exhibit is designed to give consumers a glimpse into the world of farming through the eyes of real farmers.

Family farmers are the heart of the food chain, many knowing from a young age that they were born to the calling.  What many may be surprised to know is that the majority of farms in the world are owned and operated by families. However, in the past 75 years North America has lost 70% of its family farmers. 

“We believe that the future of a responsible, sustainable food system lies in the success of family farmers,” said Sarah Wray, with the International FarmOn Foundation.  “Because food produced by family farmers is just different.  They have a passion and commitment to farming because it’s not just a business, it's their life, legacy and home.”

Visit for more information about the “Born to Farm” exhibit and the #FARMVOICES Movement.

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