#Hungerto Stop Food Waste
By Lily Michelson

Do you know what 1.3 billion tonnes (2.9 trillion pounds) of food looks like?

Can you imagine 1.4 billion hectares (3.5 billion acres) of land?


We can’t either, and that’s a problem.

In a world of ever-increasing access to information, we encounter large-number data and figures nearly every day. It’s no wonder that, when faced with enormous statistics, we find it difficult to conceptualize the information.

Unfortunately, the numbers given above are not just abstract figures. According to a report released by the FAO last week,  1.3 billion tonnes of food produced for human consumption is wasted each year. This means that 1.4 billion hectares of land annually, about 28% of the world’s arable land, produces edible food that is never consumed!

Want to Learn More?

To give light on some of these numbers and to promote Food Waste Awareness Week (September 15-21, 2013), Food Tank is hosting a NYC Food Waste Free Conference. This special event will feature prominent speakers in the food movement, including Tristram Stuart of Feeding the 5000; Nick Nutell, the Director of the Division of Communications and Public Information  for the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP); Elisa Golan, the Director for Sustainable Development of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and many more! Though tickets to the event have sold out, the event will be livestreamed on the Food Tank homepage and Facebook page. All interested attendees are encouraged to tune in on September 19 at 6:00PM EST to witness this incredible event!

If you wish to continue the momentum after Thursday night’s event and find yourself in the NYC metropolitan area on September 20, consider dancing your way over to the Feeding the 5000 Disco Soup Launch Party! This event promises to be just as unique as impactful: participants will cut, chop, and prepare fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted in order to prepare free meals.  The event is the first to be hosted in North America and represents an innovative platform for raising food waste awareness through community gathering. 

If you are unable to attend these events and still #hungerto learn more, check back in next week when the PERSPECTIVES series will feature essays about food waste and food losses!



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