Live on $1.25 a day

More than a billion people live on less than $1.25 a day.

Can you imagine what that would be like? Many people are done imagining, and have started to try it.

Two years ago, four students from California went to rural Guatemala for 56 days to try living on exactly $56 each. Suddenly, the food security issues they’d spent hours discussing in class became real. They made a film documenting the experience – Living on One – which is currently being screened in universities across the U.S.

But you don’t need to fly to rural Guatemala to give this a go. You can challenge yourself right here, right now, in your own home. Christopher Greenslate and Kerri Leonard, two high school teachers, did it and afterwards said that they learned more about the challenges of hunger and poverty from the experience than any article, book, or documentary could have taught them. Celebrities like Ben Affleck and Sophia Bush took the challenge to raise money for charity.

On World Food Day, challenge yourself to go one day without spending more than $1.25 on food. Here are some tips to get started. 








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